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Never before have I ever seen or had this type of dog. I have two excellent and loving dogs from RKennels. They are both intelligent, loyal and patient with our two crazy kids. I have Rock, who is our male Presa who we’ve had for 6yrs and Rikila who is our female Presa who we’ve had for 3yrs. Words can’t describe how amazing these Presa’s are to our family. They have not only protected our home but our family. They are fast learners, well socialized, obedient, not to mention patient when our kids jump on them and pull there lips and ears. There is no other canine like RKennels canine and I would highly recommend RKennels to anyone looking for a breed that can do it all.

The Hernandez Family

After having many breeds of dogs such as pit bulls, bulldogs, and bull terriers we had our fill on dogs but once I laid my eyes on a Presa I fell in love. We were greeted with open arms at RKennels when we arrived for our interview for our puppy. I was a bit apprehensive with the overwhelming size of the breed and my daughter who was only five at the time running around with the dogs. Rick assured me that she would be fine, and it blew me away how much fun my daughter had with the dogs running in the backyard, they were running with her as if they were making sure she was ok and would try to catch her if she fell. Blew me away. We picked up our new puppy and member of the family Puma that day. I honestly can say I will never own another breed of dog again, so smart, gentle, and such a guardian to our family. Thank you RKennels for changing our lives with Puma, God Bless.

Nick And Denise Flinga

Well what can I say , I was a proud and honored owner of my presa ( Nautis ) RIP buddy, he was such a smart and gentle boy, great with kids . Like a comment that SpeshO k made “Presa Canario is like a person with four legs ” it’s totally true, it’s like when you look into there eyes they connect to you, has you connect to them . They understand you like a person . Such a Amazing breed. So once again I’am back with Rkennals to purchase my little girl Presa and add her to my family .
Rkennals is the BEST!!!


This is my 2nd experience with R Kennels. Sadly we lost our Amazing “Rubee” and feeling the desire for a new puppy, once again contacting R Kennels was a NO BRAINER! I completely trust & respect their extreme effort to place their dogs with “Good loving & caring families. From our past experience & continued contact with R Kennels I would highly recommend this impressive establishment when choosing your next canine family pet. 

The Martinez Family

I’ve had the pleasure of owning two Presas from RKennels with my first in 1997. To me, “Imelda” was the ideal Presa both physically and temperament. Unfortunately, my living arrangements at the time forced me to find her a new home.

In 2001, my brother Andrew was in the market for a guard dog. He was looking at Bull Mastiffs so I introduced him to Rick’s Presas and he immediately fell in love and got his first pup “Kane”. He loved the breed so much, he acquired three more but from another breeder. Two years later I moved to Ventura County and away from friends and family so I needed a companion. I needed a Presa! Andrew offered to give me one of his so I chose “Kane”. He was my best friend and I can’t imagine how my life would have been without him for the nine years he was with me. Kane was big, aka “Big Daddy” and very intimidating but was an absolute teddy bear with kids. He was popular within the neighborhood and kids would often come over to play with him.

Most large breeds are susceptible to joint and hip issues but I was very pleased to see him live a long and healthy life. When the time comes for another guard dog, I’ll be back to RKennels for another Presa.

Jing Santos

After being introduced to the breed by RKennels, and after doing our own research, we were completely sold after seeing how gentle they were with our oldest boy. Our pup Whitney shows the same gentleness and patience with both of our kids as we experienced before. Our Presa is very smart. From the first time we started training sessions with her she has been quick to learn commands and tricks. We would definitely return to RKennels and would recommend them to anyone interested in this beautiful breed. We plan on revisiting RKennels soon in hopes of finding Whitney a friend.

David Romero

My husband and I grew up with a dog and then some in our life. Never have we known a breed so dedicated to their family as an RKennel Presa. Our Presa Reina was a beautiful, intelligent member of our family who played and protected us every moment of her 12 year life. When my 8 and 9 year old kids were in the front yard playing she would make sure any stranger passing did not enter the yard…while being the most gentle dog to them and their friends. Reina cannot be replaced, however we will be getting our next dog from RKennels without a doubt. To own an RKennel dog is a privilege, and we thank you for the lifelong memories Reina gave our family.

The Vaughn’s

grew up going to dog shows with the owner of RKennels and watching his father win countless tournaments in addition to being a highly respected judge in Europe as well as across the US. His father is recognized as a world class breeder and to understand what makes RKennels’ dogs so special, you must first start with the bloodline of the owner. Combining this expertise of over a half century of breeding champion dogs, along with exceptional customer service and genuine compassion for all their dogs; RKennels is truly one of a kind in the industry.

My Presa “Kayla” is everything the other testimonials say and more. Like all RKennels dogs, she is of champion quality and amazingly healthy for such a large breed dog.  Considering all the breeds I have seen in my years, the Presa is the smartest, most loyal and family oriented dogs I have had the privilege to experience. If you are considering adding a Presa to your family, and you want the best of the breed, you must check out RKennels and you will come to understand what the rest of us already know.


Spring 05 was my first experience with owning a Presa. Unfortunately I had to give him up because I was not equipped to raise him (broke college student-athlete). Fast forward to summer 13 I was in a near fatal pedestrian versus motor vehicle accident. After a 2 month stay in the hospital, numerous surgeries and a battle with depression I was released to rediscover my life. Being home alone the majority of the day without the capability to drive and having lost my freedom to be mobile my mom started looking for dogs for me, to keep me company. I mentioned to her I wanted a Presa Canario. Understandably my mom routinely questioned me about the dog: what’s that, why that dog, how did you find out about them? She took off to searching th web when she came across an add placed on Craigslist. I called the number(late at night), received a text and began the process of meeting Rick his family and the dogs.
My family and I have had the best experience with RKennels. Rick and his family are stand up people. After meeting with them I was given the opportunity to purchase a pup. It was the best decision I have made. I call her my accident dog Savior. She is the best, most well mannered, calm temperamented dog I have ever been around. She is great with my friends, their dogs and most notably my niece and nephew. I feel very luck to have my girl as well as to have a boy that I was able to purchase in January 16. I also feel very proud to have people I recommended to Rick be able to own one of his amazing dogs. In my immediate family we now have 3 and soon to have another. I would like to thank Rick and his family for keeping the Presa a “Presa” and wish him and them the best of luck in future breedings. Thanks you again Rick.


Where do I start. My wife and I were introduced to the breed by our good friend who owns a Presa Canario by the name of Enzo from Rkennels. We ended up dog sitting the Enzo for a week. My wife was a bit skeptical at first after reading some information on the Presa Canario dog breed. Her attitude quickly changed as soon as she seen how sweet and fun loving Enzo was. After watching Enzo for one week, we made the decision that this was the perfect dog breed for us. Fast forward a couple months later and we were lucky enough to get our very own Presa Canario puppy from RKennels. We named our puppy Cronus and boy has he been more than I could ever imagine. RKennels produces quality Presa Canarios. Cronus is such a great dog. He has an amazing temperament, he’s intelligent and is a quick learner. Six months later we welcomed our first child to our lives. Since the beginning Cronus has been a great dog and guardian to our son. Everywhere we go with Cronus we are always getting compliments on how beautiful he looks and how good he acts in public. People are stunned when they find out Cronus’ breed since they would imagine him being vicious. I always tell them its a misconception, and its important to pick a breeder who truly cares about the breed. We look forward to many great years with Cronus not just our dog but family member. RKennels does an amazing job with the Presa Canario breed

Marcos Hernandez

I got my lovely presa year ago from rkennel and I am definitely amazed by this dog. Some people have told me that presas are dangerous but NOT AT ALL! They are the best loving and royal dogs that i have ever seen. I was little worries about the way i have to control him but my preaa Typhoon has been so good at listening to my command. I am so in love with this dog. If I ever have to raise other dog when my typhoon leaves me, i will definitely go with presa again.

Mmyungwon Seo

I love my Presa Canario from RKennels. I’ve had him for over 12 years and he is the healthiest and strongest dog I have ever owned. The only time we visit the vet is for shots. Everyone always comments on how calm and gentle he is. The only time he barks is when the door bell rings or when he senses danger. I can’t say enough positive things about this breed. Thanks Rick!

Neal Prochoren

I’ve always been impressed with the quality of Press Canarios that have come out of RKennels. I am proud to say that I had one of the 1st Presas to come out of there. My Presa “Caesar” was an amazing dog and was a big part of my family. He was known to my family as “the gentle giant”. And what a great family member he was. Smart, compassionate and friendly, yet protective and intimidating. Every dog that I’ve seen come out of RKennels has gone to a good home. And they make sure of that. They provide great family Presa Canarios that are top notch in all aspects of the breed. I am very fond of the breed and have seen many from different places. And RKennels takes the breed to another level. They are truly an impressive breed. I will always get a Presa Canario from them.

Chad Ramunni

where do I begin??? Never have I known ANY kennel like RKENNELS!! A family owned and operated business which TRULY CARES about their dogs, and the breed itself. They don’t breed dogs, they breed Family! I currently have two babies from RKENNELS and these K-9s are astounding!! Unlike any other dog I’ve encountered, the Presa Canario is like a person on four legs. Loyal, compassionate, protective, gentle, loving, strong, SMART and most of all…..FUUUUN!!! RKENNELS puts out gorgeous dogs with outstanding temperaments consistently! I am only 35 years young and I tell you this, I will NEVER own a dog that isn’t a Presa Canario!!

Much Love from JENKO&TATOE!

Spesho K

We have had Aurora now for a little over a year and she has been nothing but great to our family. My daughters, who are 6 and 4, love her and are always thanking me for bringing her home. Rick, Katrina, Rae and Asher were kind enough to share her with us and for that we appreciate them a great deal. We continue to have a wonderful time with Aurora. Anyone who comes in contact with her can’t believe how well mannered she is and how playful my little ones are with her. Anywhere we take her we get scared looks at first then compliments on how well mannered she is. We can take her for walks and leave her off the leash and she won’t be more that ten feet from us. From day one she can be in the house and not run a muck. But one thing is for sure, when strangers or strange dogs come around the house, she let’s them know she is watching.

Jorge Canseco

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