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Presa Canarios



The RKENNEL family is one of the most experienced, reputable dog breeders in the world, Working with a variety of breeds for over 50 years now, RKennels strives to improve each generation of dogs that come through our kennel,

We stay focused on the dogs and our clientele. Real families want these dogs and are why we breed and  “place” dogs in homes that will create meaningful relationships.

There is plenty of places to get lost in this growing world of Presa enthusiast. At RKENNELS we simplify the process and give potential customers a first hand look at our dogs with a welcomed visit to the kennel. During this time we tell you about us and allow you to share about you as well. Not everyone is right for us and we are ok with that. We spent over 20 years working “Off the radar” by design. Today is a new day where we have reworked our processes and are working with the general public. That said we prefer to stay a small kennel that produces amazing dogs.


RKENNELS has a truly RICH history. NO PUN INTENDED, RICH KEIJNER began his journey in 1960 when he came from the Netherlands to America. He brought his love for dogs with him. Rich went on to the military to work as a US ARMY K9 HANDLER stationed in Germany. When Rich returned to the US, RICH KENNELS was born. Rich was a true enthusiast and passionate about molosser breeds. For decades Rich was amongst the first group of breeders to introduce rare breeds to the states. Rich initiated & was recognized with numerous dog clubs, books and spoke around the world. Rich travelled across the globe many times over to visit breeders, judge shows and just talk dogs. Rich worked with a long, long list of celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Bill Cosby, Henry Winkler, DISNEY, Snoop Dogg, Wendell Tucker, and Kerry King of SLAYER.  His work was seen in dozens of  publications, including MAGAZINES, TRAINING VIDEOS, TV COMMERCIALS, MOVIES AND NEWPAPERS. On 12-5-17 Rich left this world and is now in heaven. Rest in Peace. Rick Keyner is Richard’s 1st born son and now continues on the legacy in his Father’s footsteps. Rick has been EXCLUSIVELY BREEDING WORLD CLASS PRESA CANARIOS for over 20 years and is known as RKENNELS. 

Breed Standard

RKENNELS has taken the position that the dogs speak for themselves in beauty and temperament. We encourge you to see our facilty and dogs 1st hand!

Please do not fall for a great website or some fancy pictures and marketing scheme. Too many breeders today talk the talk but the dogs literally cannot walk the walk. Speak in length to the breeder and understand their history.

CAUTION: Plenty of breeders today claim to pride themselves in BIG, BIG, BIG. Weight alone does not define the dog, although we believe Presa’s should be within the standard or very close. Simply put a Presa Canario’s weight should fall within the breed standard to keep them true to their origin and maintain their value as a Working Dog.  See breed standard*

The American philosohy of BIG dogs has been a detriment to the overall health of every European Molosser breed that gains popularity in the US….R.Keyner.

Males- average heighth between 23 to 26 inches (58 to 66 cm) at the withers with a minimum weight of 100 pounds up to 125lbs (45 kg).

Females- average height between 22 to 25 inches (56 to 63 cm) at the withers with a minimum weight of 85 pounds (39 kg).

rkennels family

These dogs are not cheap. Not everyone is a celebrity or has alot of extra cash to buy a qulity Presa, We get it! For that reason we have the most affordable prices in the business. We are very flexible and work with customers of all types of financial backgrounds.


RKENNELS has been a passion based business for decades.

We spend an unmeasurable amount of time and energy ensuring our customers are fit to own a Presa and that the relationship will work!

We offer a lifetime of support and communication to our customers.

We would love to speak to you and give you a tour of our property.  Please schedule a visit with us via email or phone call soon, you will be glad you did!

Thanks for your interest!!!





The Presa Canarios breed is known for their massive size and strong body build.


Very intelligent dogs that were used as work dogs  guarding farms, struggling with cattle and the extermination of wild or stray dogs.


The feeling of safety when you leave your home is important to most home owners and being that Presa Canario brings the security that you will want.


Presa Canarios make exceptional family members .
“We will strive to improve the overall health & consistency of any animal we work with. We will commit to trying to better educate ourselves and those amongst our community about rare breed preservation and the unique beauty that comes inherently with them. We promise to always admire and respect our canine friends.”

RKennels is one of the most experienced, reputable dog breeders in the world. The Keyner family has been working with a variety of working breed dogs for well over 50 years now.  Many people remember “Rich Kennels” and Richard Keijner. Rich is world reknown for his training, breeding, judging and importing skills. Rich was known throughout the 1970’s and 80’s as a major player in establishing breeds such as the Bouvier Des Flander, Doberman Pincher, English Bulldog & Rottweiler. He went onto help breeds such as the Cane Corso, Mastino Neapolitan, Dogue De Bordeaux and Presa Canario to gain popularity in the states as well.

Creating Meaningful Relationships

Make room for another member to your family!

Never before have I ever seen or had this type of dog. I have two excellent and loving dogs from RKennels. They are both intelligent, loyal and patient with our two crazy kids. I have Rock, who is our male Presa who we’ve had for 6yrs and Rikila who is our female Presa who we’ve had for 3yrs. Words can’t describe how amazing these Presa’s are to our family. They have not only protected our home but our family. They are fast learners, well socialized, obedient, not to mention patient when our kids jump on them and pull there lips and ears. There is no other canine like RKennels canine and I would highly recommend RKennels to anyone looking for a breed that can do it all.

The Hernandez Family

After being introduced to the breed by RKennels, and after doing our own research, we were completely sold after seeing how gentle they were with our oldest boy. Our pup Whitney shows the same gentleness and patience with both of our kids as we experienced before. Our Presa is very smart. From the first time we started training sessions with her she has been quick to learn commands and tricks. We would definitely return to RKennels and would recommend them to anyone interested in this beautiful breed. We plan on revisiting RKennels soon in hopes of finding Whitney a friend.
David Romero

I love my Presa Canario from RKennels. I’ve had him for over 12 years and he is the healthiest and strongest dog I have ever owned. The only time we visit the vet is for shots. Everyone always comments on how calm and gentle he is. The only time he barks is when the door bell rings or when he senses danger. I can’t say enough positive things about this breed. Thanks Rick!
Neal Prochoren

RKennel Services

Stud Services

To stay committed to a mindset of selective breeding we need to ensure that Stud services are provided to only purebred Presa Canario’s. These dogs must display impressive Presa qualities such as movement, health, drive, temperament in addition to meeting recognized breed standards.
RKENNELS carries an enormous sense of pride for all our dogs. Our breeding dogs have all been hand selected from only the finest of lines around the world. We have traveled the globe finding our dogs and spent decades breeding to develop our own distinct style of Presa line. We protect that line at all cost and refuse to do anything to jeopardize years of hard work and investment to the RKENNEL’S Presa Canario.
RKENNELS insist on spending time asking questions, getting to know one another and creating a relationship before any breeding ever takes place. We take all these precautions to protect every single pup that will come from a breeding RKENNELS is involved with. It is equally important for us to preserve the breed integrity of the Presa Canario as it was in its original form. If you are interested in partnering with us for Stud Services please contact Rick Keyner-
We look forward to speaking to you!


RKENNELS is happy to be able to provide a plethora of choices for the Presa enthusiast! We have partnered with a true PRESA specialty store to be able to provide tons of options for the hardcore Presa fans! Please visit “PRESANATION.COM” and browse through their catalog of different T’s, Hats, Keychains, Sweatshirts and much more.


RKENNELS offers a variety of training options. We believe each dog and owner requires a custom fit training program to fit each person’s/family’s individual needs.

Every person has unique, pre-existing abilities in their understanding and expectations of the training process. it is important for us to properly assess the status of those traits prior to beginning the program. By doing this deep dive analysis we are given basic information that will help us to custom fit the training program to the individual needs. It is equally important for us to continually monitor the flow of that training as it progresses.

Owner and dog must have a clear understanding of how, why and when to utilize the skills that are being taught. The communication between owner and dog IS what we are working to improve and build upon throughout the course of the relationship. The owner must understand the skillset and continue to grow and develop those skills to truly appreciate the beauty that can come from these amazing animals.

We take special pride in our unique ability to offer specialized training to Presa Canarios. We also offer discounted training rates for Presa’s purchased through RKENNELS.

Following is the list of training services RKENNELS offers:
–  Basic Puppy-House Training
–  Socialization Puppy/Adult
–  Obedience Training
–  Basic Obedience
–  Intermediate Obedience
–  Advanced Obedience
–  Basic Protection
–  Intermediate Protection
–  Advanced Protection


Interested in Reserving a Puppy ?

Ask us for more information, feel free to contact us at anytime.